Dinner in Cavaglià

At dinner Jean-Luc waited patiently for cognac and coffee, his moment. They ate at a restaurant Cristina’s father had chosen, a wide, spare place where everybody knew him and yet was still surprised to see him, as if he was not expected for months, a prearranged date. “Gianluca,” they called him, “Il Linguatore,” the maker of language. Sophia stood a respectful distance away, his wife, her mother, allowed him to glow in his recognition until she too was welcomed, kissed, her and Cristina’s chairs pulled out for them in a show of grandeur. She was the curator of words, his keeper and his custodian, and Cristina was the returning bride, dark and full, a myth gone to the other side of the mountains and the border.

…coming soon


New Book

I’m happy to be able to announce that subject to a few formalities I’m about to write another book.

It will be co-written with a colleague, and whilst I can’t say too much at the moment I can say that it will be a critical book, addressing certain aspects of the creative process, particularly the decisions writers make in the course of writing. It’s provisionally scheduled to be published in autumn 2016, which, though a long way away, at least gives us time to write the thing: a decent draft is due by the end of 2015.

There’ll be more updates here as soon as I can…