How’s it going, then?

Well, thanks for asking.

UOB Lit 2 (45 of 64)

With the rather wonderful Helen Mort…

The three ‘big’ readings/launches are all now done, and the book’s off in the world. There are plenty of reviews coming, and I’ll post comments here when I get them (positive and negative!) So far the writing in the book’s been compared to Jonathan Franzen and Kazuo Ishiguro, and, frankly, I’ll take that and run off into the hills…

Who knows how much importance we should place on reviews? If you’ve read the book and have something to say, I’d love to hear it, as much for my own benefit as a writer as anything else – we crave feedback, to know that someone’s out there, somewhere…and surely criticism is better than silence?

…reading at Bolton Library

Or, to put it another way, if someone really hated your work, would you want to know?

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New fiction online now

litro139_nosuchluck_singleIt’s not often you get an email telling you that your work has been simultaneously published in London and New York…

Litro Magazine is fabulous – and I’m not saying that just because I’m in it – I urge you all to read, to subscribe (free), to engage, to support in any way you can. They’re good folk, doing good work that not many others have the passion to do. And as it’s the festive season, they’ve decided to make all of the new issue free to view online for everyone this month, not just for subscribers.

Here are the links. Please, take your time with Litro. There’s so much worth seeing – and the print edition will be out very soon: see their website for stockists.


New York: