Of Wondering and Writing

Well, wonders abound. It seems I’m writing again.

Not the next novel, sadly: that will have to wait for a while. And there’s still the book for Palgrave that needs finishing by December 1st, and we’ve had an idea for another sitcom, and there’s also the chance of being able to write a full-length stage adaptation of something wonderful and difficult and awkward (although that’s at least a year and a half away, and lots of things will have to fall into place for it to happen…)

But there’s some short fiction bubbling around, and, oddly, I appear to be writing poetry again. Curious, but welcome.

My point, given all that I’ve said above, is this: are you a novelist, a short story writer, a poet, a dramatist for either screen or stage, or are you merely a writer? I was at an event with Zahid Hussain recently, and we were chatting about how many writers seem to define themselves and their work according to the medium in which they write. ‘I’m a poet’, they’ll say, or ‘I’m a novelist.’ Am I the odd one out here in calling myself ‘a writer’? Do we need to categorise ourselves, to place ourselves into neat compartments? Will this make others like our work more? Will it make us write more?

Answers on a postcard, I suppose. In the meantime I’ll just keep tapping and scribbling, and try to work out what the most effective form is for each story, as it comes. There’s enough pleasure in each to keep me working.


2 thoughts on “Of Wondering and Writing

  1. I prefer the catchall ‘writer’ for that air of mystery. The possibilities are endless; one could of course be a novelist, short story-ist, poet or haiku-ist but equally could write tomato sauce labels or medicine leaflets or cleaning instructions or horoscopes or …


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