Of Interviews and Responses

Those lovely folk at Ink Pantry Publishing recently asked me for an interview, and it’s now online should you feel the need to read my chatterings about the novel – here: http://inkpantry.com/blog/inky-interview-simon-holloway-kevin-milsom/

It’s an odd thing being interviewed – and Kevin asked me some difficult questions on my writing process which made me think more precisely about what it is that I do. Or perhaps what it is that I’d like to do, in that wonderful ideal world of being able to write where and when you want.

I’m not one of those people who can write anywhere, or anywhen, unfortunately. But I’m equally not restricted to having to sit at my desk from nine till eleven to get anything done. Writing happens where it does – surely we all need to concentrate on just getting it done, however that may be for us? It doesn’t get written on its own.

I digress, perhaps. Read the interview and let me know what you think – how would you answer the same questions? Does it help to be obliged to consider what you do, and why? Are you worried about breaking the ‘secret code’, or should we talk about this more openly, even if only to ourselves?