Simon Holloway is, in no particular order, a novelist, short story writer, poet, critic and academic. He gave up a promising school career because he doesn’t like golf. He took instead to the worlds of music, Italian food and coffee, in that order, before accidentally moving to North Wales, where he deliberately stayed to get married and do a PhD. He’s written many poems, three novels, a screenplay and co-written two sitcoms, under several different names. He currently teaches creative writing at The University of Bolton, where he also researches the actions and processes of creativity, publishing articles and essays on the subject. He is a firm believer in the wisdom of capybaras, and collects small plots of land around the world, for no reason at all. He craves silence above all else, that and for words to do what we wants them to, and always to have less light and more fountain pens than he needs.

The Words We Use are Black and White is the first novel to be published under his own name. Short fiction has appeared in Stand, The North American Review, New Writing: The International Journal for the Theory and Practice of Creative Writing, TEXT and New Contrast – see the links for further info. His poetry has been published in places such as The Rialto, The North, Staple, The Frogmore Papers, Envoi and Iota, and more work may still appear from time to time in spite of his current predilection for fiction.

The next novel is under way. The two after that are waiting patiently for their turn. Several short stories are banging around his head trying to get free. He’s also co-writing a critical book, of which more information will follow when it can. To get in touch about anything and everything just fill in the form below and he’ll reply as soon as he can.


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